March 28, 2016

Mission. Vision. Value Proposition.



We believe within a future world where sport will support each individual to go beyond its physical and emotional limits, beyond any material or financial constrain, contributing to its own and community life’s ideals fulfillment as well.


Bucharest Running Club would facilitate individuals, communities and corporations to accomplish their personal goals through an active and freshly sport life style, offering opportunities to positively impact the mankind social network. We would leverage our passion and team spirit, our respect for others and for nature, within a strong and absolute fair play spirit, to achieve that.


Bucharest Running Club develops, customize and fully implements mass market sports events concepts on Romania, fully aligned to the international sports norms, standards and specifications. By deploying its extended sports event expertise, BRC would facilitate individuals’ and corporate communities’ goals achievement trough sport, conserving a well-balanced lifestyle while reaching a perfect harmony with nature and society.