October 13, 2017

Ivan Patzaichin

It is necessary to implement a wider system at national level. This is not just a sport of
performance, it also means movement, health for everyone, for us as a nation. I think those who
have been in the sport for 20 years have been wrong because they did not consider it a priority.
Everyone should move, because movement is health, nature and a longer life.
The International Marathon of Bucharest is the living proof that an initiative can create a real
sporting movement for those who love running, sport in general.
Congratulations, Valerian van Groningen and his team. Ten years of work … are to be admired.

Name: Ivan Patzaichin
Activity: Sports
Sports discipline: Kaiac-canoe
Place of birth: Mila 23 – Tulcea
Date of birth: 26 November 1949
Trophies, medals, records:
Olympic Games
Mexico 1968 – Gold (C2 1000 m)
Munich 1972 – Gold (C1 1000 m) and Silver (C2 1000 m)
Montreal 1976 –
Moscow 1980 – gold (C2 1000 m) and silver (C2 500 m)
Los Angeles – gold (C2 1000 m) and silver (C2 500 m)
World Championships
22 world titles in 11 editions
9 gold medals (C-1 1000 m: 1973, 1977, C-1 10000 m: 1978, C-2 500 m: 1979, C-2 1000 m: 1970,
1981, 1983; )
4 silver medals (C-1 1000 m: 1975, C-2 1000 m: 1971, C-2 10000 m: 1981, 1983)
9 bronze medals (C-1500 m: 1971, 1973, 1974, C-1 1000 m: 1974, 1978, 1979, C-10000 m: 1974,
1977, 1979)
European Championships

A gold medal at C2-1000m – CE 1969 in Moscow. Following this edition, the European
Championships were suspended until 1997
He began practicing sports in Tulcea, at the age of 18, being transferred to Dinamo club's canoe-
canoe section, where he performs an exceptional sports career.
♦ In the 17 years dedicated to performance sports he won over 40 national championship titles
and over 30 Balkan champions.
♦ He was European champion in 1969.
♦ He won nine times the gold medal, four times the silver medal, and nine times the bronze medal
at the World Championships.
♦ The best performances he gained at the Olympic Games, where he was present at five editions
(1968-1984), winning four times the Olympic gold and three times the silver medal.
♦ In 1984 he retired from the competitive activity, dedicating himself to the coaching, at first to the
club where he ran his entire career, Dinamo. In 1983 he finished the Institute of Physical Education
and Sport, and in 2008 he held the dissertation thesis at the Master of Physical Education and
Management of Structures and Sports Activities.
♦ In 1986 he is promoted as a coach to the national team, so that since 1995 he has been
appointed coordinating coach of the national Olympic team. He has managed to win over 100 titles
as a coach of the national and Olympic kayak-canoe championship, in which he was present at the
1992 Olympics. Barcelona, ​​1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing.
♦ In the period 1990-1998 he contributed to two medals at the Olympic Games, 23 at the World
Championships and ten at the European Championships. In 2000, athletes trained by Patzaichin
won three silver medals at the European Championships in Poznan and a gold medal and a
bronze medal at the Sydney Olympic Games.
♦ He was vice-president of the Romanian Kaiac-Canoe Federation and vice-president of the
Romanian Olympic Committee (elected in 1990).
♦ On December 1, 2004, Colonel Reserve Ivan Patzaichin of the Ministry of Administration and
Interior was sent to the rank of Brigadier General (with a star) in reserve.
♦ In September 2009, Ivan Patzaichin announced that he had dropped out of the national kayak-
canoe group.
In 1990, the International Olympic Committee awarded the highest distinction of this forum, namely
the Platinum Colonel Olympic Order. In 2000 he received the National Order "Faithful Service" in
the rank of Officer, and in 2008 he received the "Merit Sport" Order in first grade. In 2010 he was
awarded the Royal Decoration "Nihil Sine Deo", received by order of His Majesty King Michael I,
Head of the Royal House of Romania.
♦ Ivan Patzaichin was declared the 20th Century Sportsman of the International Federation of